Eco Promise


Compostable and recyclable packaging from Vegware

We aim to use entirely recyclable or compostable packaging so that 0% enters landfill. We have paired up with Vegware, the eco packaging company just down the road from us in Edinburgh.  Together we have developed a fun and unique box for our seasonal chocolate which we think captures our chocolate vision and the box can be put in with your cardboard recycling after use! Let us know what you think?!  Vegware will provide all our packaging for our entire product range and we  will not be using any plastic in our packaging.

Vegware have won 20+ sustainability awards (including Edinburgh's Green Company of the Year 2012) and even their own Scottish Parliamentary Motion 'Congratulations to Vegware'. Check out for all your packaging needs..

100% Renewable Energy

Our chocolate factory is powered by 100% renewable electricity from Goodenergy. 

We’re proud to be in partnership with Good Energy, a green energy supplier whose electricity comes from certified renewables like sunshine, wind and rain. And they’re normally cheaper than the Big Six’s standard tariffs. Simply switching your supply to them helps you cut your carbon footprint and takes the UK closer to a cleaner, greener future. That means no carbon, no nuclear and no fossil fuels. We think their prices are very reasonable.

Switch to Good Energy and they’ll give you £25 off your first bill.

Check our ingredients page for info on eco, organic, local and seasonal ingredients.