Health Benefits

Chocolate is good for you !

Chocolate can in fact be healthy for you with the flavanols contained in cocoa reported to have benefits to your blood pressure and heart. Increasing evidence from experimental and clinical studies using cocoa-derived products and chocolate suggest an important role for these high-flavanol-containing foods in heart and vascular protection.

Chocolate which contains low cocoa solids has usually a higher percentage of sugar and cream and this can reduce its health benefits.

One study reports evidence suggesting an inverse association between frequency of chocolate consumption and coronary heart disease: specifically, consumption of chocolate more than five times a week was associated with 57% lower prevalence of coronary heart disease, as compared to those subjects who did not consume chocolate.  The European food safety authority sanctioned certain chocolate as having health benefits .

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Health benefits derived from animal studies

Chocolate lovers can also rejoice as there is evidence from animal studies that the cocoa flavanoids can also protect against colon cancer. You might want to check out these links-

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