Our Ingredients

bee on flowerQuality organic ingredients

We use only the best seasonal organic ingredients which we aim to source as locally as possible.

In light of the dramatic drop in the honeybee population and the ban of neonicotinoid pesticide use in farming in Germany, Italy and France and Co-op farms here in the UK, we are 100% committed to sourcing all our ingredients as organic. We support the Friends of the Earth Bee Campaign and are delighted that the Government has been persuaded to create a Bee Action Plan.

Belcolade Organic and Fairtrade

Specifically our chocolate is Belcolade (Belgian) organic and fairtrade.

Our organic cream and butter  is from Grahams Dairy in Scotland. All our nuts, flavours etc. are organic and come from SUMA a company you may already know.

Our product range uses lots of fruits, herbs and flowers and many of them we source from our own organic beds.